The beginning of the Journey


Acceptance is key. Accepting it, dealing with it, and moving on from it is what makes it all tolerable. Cancer is what I’m talking about.

What I have learned from 1 week in chemo is that if I dwell or feel sorry for myself it will make things a hell of a lot worse. And I still have 4 more months of deep-rooted, fight for your life, kinda learning coming my way.

We all have a choice in life. How we are going to wake up and see the day is what makes us have control in our own situation. Because let’s get real – this life is totally in God’s hands. We cannot control the future but we can help shape it.

With the year I’ve had I can either be mad at the world or live everyday in joy that God has sparred my life – not once but twice in one year and that is a mighty good feeling. First God saved my life with a car accident. I was standing outside at a rest stop with my family when all of a sudden I was hit by a truck and pinned between 2 vehicles. The impact should have killed me on the spot but instead left me with 7 broken ribs, a broken  sternum and a broken femur. I was heli-lifted to the hospital and had instant surgery on my leg with rods and pins through out it. Months and months of hard sweat and tears and training my butt off I was on the road to walking normally in record speed when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I have to say, I did feel a lump for a few months but my dr’s and myself included thought it was to do with all my broken bones in my chest. Well to my surprise it was not and I did have breast cancer.  This is where God has saved my life the second time. Had my cancer not been caught when it was, it would have run through my body in no time. The dr’s told me once I woke up from my mastectomy how incredibly lucky I was that they were able to catch it in time. Triple Negative is such a scary breast cancer because of how fast it travels in one’s body. Mine was under a cm and still went to my lymph node. Had I waited a year to get checked, it would have been a year too late. cropped-img_0693.jpg

Now this whole new life’s journey has me in chemo, healing from a double mastectomy while dealing with the constant pain of my sternum still being cracked. But I know I am extremely lucky and grateful to be alive. To be able to watch my boys play hockey and pick them up from school. To be able to actually be here for them and they were not left motherless at a scene of a horrific accident.

Cancer is not the end, it’s the beginning of a whole new journey. One that I hope to learn a lot from. We all have a story and we all have a journey. It about making the best of it and learning to accept the things we have no control over.




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