First Chemo Round

images-16The first round of chemo is beyond terrifying. I googled and researched to the best of my ability and it still did not prepare me for what I was up against. Lucky all the nurses in the chemo room are very nice and welcoming upon my first visit. And they most likely will be on the second visit as well. If not I’m running out of there (sigh if only)

The week before I started chemo I went to a chemo teach; I sat in a classroom in the hospital with about 8 other people all about to endure the road of chemo. They taught me many useful things about what to expect, how to prepare myself and what to do in case of an emergency (ie- FEVER). I was handed an awful red-letter that stated I am a chemo patent and need to take that into any hospital. Kinda like a fast-track pass in Disneyland expect this pass will take me down the tunnel of doom instead if it’s a small world after all. images

We did a quick tour of the chemo room and I quickly noted a look on all the patients faces as they bare into your soul for they already know what kind of hell you have to endure.  Seeing the room before hand did help me for what I would be walking into Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday October 24, 2018 I had my first round of chemo. I sat in a chair with my husband beside me and looked blankly as my nurse dressed up in a hazmat suit and carefully squeezed a giant syringe full of red chemicals into my body. The nurse did it fast and painlessly for me. Apparently they have to manually insert this drug into you or it can burn your skin. That is why they dress in a hazmat suit as well, they do not know the ramifications of what could happen fully if this liquid were to get on of my skin. SO yes, lets just pump it into my blood then eh!

Unknown-2Soon after I was given another kind of chemo but this time it wast put into my IV bag and dripped slowly into my body.

I felt fine as it was all happening, a little strange but fine altogether. At some points I could feel the liquid slowly creeping through my body all cold like. Then I would feel a tingling sensation behind my eyes and pressure around my forehead. All completely normal things to feel they assured me.

After chemo I felt completely fine and my husband and I went out for lunch. I learned my lesson there! Here is a tip I wish I would have read somewhere before I did this. Anything you eat right after your chemo session will haunt your mind for weeks! I still cannot think about that meal or place without my stomach turning. Although I did not throw up my food, just the pre thought of it makes me want to. So now one of my favourite lunch spots is definitely ruined for life. Its amazing I can even look at my husband the same without pairing his face to that food.

As the day went on I felt more and more tired. I went home and laid in bed. At one point I did go for a quick walk only because I read that makes the symptoms so much easier on a person if they exercise. I went to bed early, woke up feeling sick and that lasted about 5 days. Even walking ups flight of stairs would exhaust me.

IMG_0758As the days go on I felt better and better. By day 10 I am feeling pretty good. I even managed to go out to a paint night at a restaurant with my friends. Sickness still creeps up every now and then and I take my medication for that.


Chemo has given me a strange appetite. I now eat like I did when I was pregnant 10 years ago. Before chemo I only ate vegan and extremely clean. Now I am eating ice cream and pizza. But everything in moderation I always say, I mean really what harm can an ice cream do at this stage? Plus I do need to gain some weight I’m looking rather stick like lately.

All in all the first 2 weeks went by without any major complications.

UnknownThere was a few nights I spent checking my fever every hour only to realize it was most likely hot flashes due to my menopausal state I am in.

Another side effect I have found is my face now looks like a hormonal teenager. Just an added bonus my body decided to give me during all this. If the shaved head wasn’t enough, I may as well have a broken out face. And I thought I would be one of the lucky ones who says chemo was like a permanent facial on their skin! IF only!

I did give myself another haircut yesterday as my shaved head was starting to grow out and look a little unruly. During this I decided to give around my ears a little shorter cut which resulted in looking as if my hair has already started to fall out in patches which it has not. So I’m a little ahead of the game here and gave myself the look before it happened unintentionally. Ahh the things we do for beauty 😉